Gallery - Mini-Schnauzer - Quinn

21 July 2020

Just to let you know we are home safely. Thank you for our new family member. Quinn was perfect all the way home. She only whined a couple of times for half a minute. Most of the time she slept or played with her toys. She obliged us every time we stopped by doing her business. She is a bit tentative when exploring but I am sure that will soon change as she gets used to us and the new home. She is presently fast asleep on Leonie’s lap.

Again, thank you.

Richard and Leonie Jolley

28 July 2020

Quinn has been with us for a week now and she is beautiful. She has settled down like she has been here all her life. She likes going for a walk and she plays with her toys well. We have had two toilet accidents in the home and these were on a wet days when we didn’t walk her a lot. She didn’t particularly like wet grass. She generally indicates when she wants to go outside. Her appetite is patchy. She wanted to snack on her meals. We now put the food away if she doesn’t eat it in one sitting. I don’t know whether this is the right thing to do. She is full time on Delicate Care puppy food now. This food was recommended by our vet. Her bowel movements are good. She is sleeping well and seems happy with a 6 hour night cycle. I am sure she has grown about 25mm in length. She is booked in for her first vet visit on the 7th Aug.

I hope you are getting some rain. We have had over 100mm in three days.

Richard Jolley