Gallery - Mini-Schnauzer - Rhubarb

Hey Terry...

Rhubarb is an amazing puppy! Thank you so much for raising such a good pup.

She hasn’t cried once of a night time and only a few little accidents in the house during the day. Rhubarb has mastered ‘sit’ and seems like she loves learning new tricks (as long as there is some chicken involved)...

She has been to her first pub/restaurant and sat so nicely on our laps and got lots of attention.

We have introduced her to some new friends, who have played with her so well and she gets stuck in with running around and trying to keep up. (all of the dogs she has meet are fully vaccinated and they have met on our rooftop).

Carly and I love her so much, Rhubarb is the perfect little pooch and addition to our family! She has such a character already and makes us laugh throughout the day!

Thank you again! I have attached some photos of her first week with us.... have a lovely weekend.

Jordan and Carly 🥰

18 November 2020 - Update

Rhubarb is getting on really well and has settled in completely! We are so in love with her and she is spoilt but deserves to be!

She had been on many little holidays... Jervis bay, Kiama, Port Stephens, Newport and we are headed to the Hunter valley next weekend too! We have bought a dog backpack so that we can take her on bike rides, which she seems to enjoy - I have attached a photo of this.

Rhubarb was desexed a couple of weeks ago.

I have also attached some photos of Rhubarb over the past few months and her adventures. I hope you enjoy seeing them. I have also sent a before an after picture of her first fur cut!

Ru is still a little one, only 4kg but is fully healthy and loves life. 🥰. Our little pocket sized mini schnauzer.

Thank you again for Rhuabeb, we couldn’t ask for a better pooch. She is truly the best.