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Our Puppies Our born in our home with me watching over them, giving mum support and a helping hand, if needed. It is such an exciting time when I see the babies for the very first time. We always have a vet on call just in case we may need one. Nature is the most wonderful thing.

Our Aim is to produce the most amazing puppies.

Puppies that have the best personalities, temperaments and the best of health. At our property we have an enclosed deck with wood fire and air conditioning for keeping us warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer. Bedding is firm and kept clean daily. Mums are kept in a clean dry area safe from harm.

After puppies are born, they are kept on the deck for one week, where I can keep a close eye on them just to be sure everyone is sucking and growing nicely. After a week's time, when I feel mum and babies are coping together well, we will move them to an area where mum and babies both have heat lamps and mum can come and go as she pleases as this is very important in the health of the mum. We all know that mum sometimes just need a little time to herself.

As the puppies start to grow they are started on their new diet at the age of 4 to 5 weeks old depending on the pup. We start puppies on scrambled eggs and My Dog Puppy to get them eating. The eggs are great for healthy shiny coats. As puppies get older we introduce Delicate Care All Breeds Puppy food and raw bones for healthy teeth. Puppies need a good diet for the best start in Life.

Worming is started at 2 weeks of age and then done 2 weekly until puppies are 7 weeks. They are then Vet checked by Coona Veterinary Surgery, our vet, who visits our home. They are micro-chipped and are also treated with Advocate on this day, which covers them for worms, ear mite, heart worm and Fleas. Advocate does not cover for tape worm. This is covered by the Drontal tablet that is giving every 3 months. Puppies have their first vaccination at 7 weeks, they will then require a vaccination at 12 weeks, and again at 18 weeks.

Our Puppies are brought up with gentle hands and lots of love where they are able to play in our large garden just as puppies should. They love playing with their toys and interacting with our cat and chickens.

Our Puppies are not keep in play pens or in sheds with concrete floors, they have large clean safe areas to run and play around the garden and warm dry beds to sleep in.

Please be sure that you have looked into the breed of your choice , the cost of owning a puppy and if you really have time for a puppy. Be sure to ask your Landlord, if renting, as a puppy is for life.

We encourage desexing by the age of 6 months and your vet will be able to explain this more once you have chosen your vet.

If for some reason you need your puppy held for a few more weeks till pick up date, we are more than happy to help out. If we hold the puppy for an extended time we do ask that the puppy is paid for in full and all vaccinations and worming is kept up to date at buyers cost. We are happy to take care of feeding and grooming and this will be discussed upon enquiry.

We are happy to arrange delivery of the puppy of your choice at buyer's expense if you are unable to get here to pick your Puppy up. We ask a $300 holding deposit to hold the puppy of your choice and until the holding the deposit is paid, puppy cannot be held, sorry. Deposits are non-refundable if you simply change your mind so please carefully. If for some reason the Puppy does not pass the health check, we will offer the pick of a new puppy or a full refund. Our Puppies come with Vets paper work, vaccination card and 10 point health check paper work. They will have their very own tote bag with a toy, blanket and paper work, we also supply a warranty with our Puppies which we ask to be sighted at pick up.

We transport puppies with World Class Hounds

Our vet's contact is 02 68421251, Coonabarabran Veterinary Clinic

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